Pleasanton Senior Center

Personal Technology Users Group Handouts

Get the handouts in person at our next meeting on the fourth Thursday, February 22, 2018

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------------------------- 2018 --------------------------

1/25 Bitcoins: Background and Usage explained

1/25 Use Microsoft Photos app for editing photos and video

------------------------- 2017 --------------------------

12/21 Use Microsoft OneDrive to share files with your PC/Tablet/Phone or other people

12/21 Uses for your old phone: Handout #1

12/21 Uses for your old phone: Handout #2

11/30 How to keep your old videos music and photos safe forever

11/30 The Best Free Software for your PC>

10/26 How to use Safe Mode to solve PC problems/viruses/malware/etc.

10/26 Quick update on KRACK, the latest problem that hacks your Wi-Fi.

10/26 Some useful websites you probably don't know about

10/26 A few of the new features in the Fall Creator 10/17/17 update for Windows 10

9/28 Equifax Credit Hack - What happened? What you can do.

9/28 Get real time crime alerts for your neighborhood

9/28 Free Microsoft Apps for Photo editing, Movie clip making and Blog writing

8/24 Cool ways to use your phones camera that don't involve photos

8/24 Mobile Virual Network Operators (Non-Big 4 Mobile Providers)

8/24 Avoiding Tech Support Scams

8/24 Uninterruptable Power Supplies

8/24 How to boot into Windows 10s Safe Mode

6/22 Android Runtime for Chrome OS (ARC)

6/22 Electric Cars

6/22 Identify those mystery plants with this handy app

6/22 This Website Helps You Spot Fake Reviews on Amazon

6/22 How to unsend Gmail messages with the Undo Send feature

6/22 What's the difference between Windows 10 S Vs Windows 10

5/25 Seventeen iPad tips and secrets you'll use

5/25 How to protect yourself from ransomware attacks

5/25 Use Windows Own Troubleshooters to Fix a Problem

5/25 A Guide to Computer Ports and Adapters

4/20 How does wifi really work?

4/20 What's new in the Windows 10 Creator Update

4/20 Use the Opera Browser when you don't want to be tracked

3/23 Demo of the Amazon Dot and how it can be used

3/23 History of Microsoft Operating Systems

3/23 Options for PC Power, Sleep, Hibernate

3/23 Five folder options you might find useful

3/23 Password Managers Pros and Cons

3/23 See how much crime takes place in your neighborhood

2/23 How to add extensions to the Chrome and Firefox Browsers

2/23 How to transfer photos from your smartphone to your computer

2/23 Find free magazines to download to your PC

2/23 Get the most out of Windows 10's File Explorer

1/26 Five Weather Apps for your smart phones

1/26 Windows 10 Ultimate Utilities List

1/26 Five free extensions for your Edge Browser (or any other browser)

------------------------- 2016 --------------------------

12/15 Introduction to Google's Duo (Video Calling) and Allo (Smart Messaging) Apps

12/15 Scan photos with your Android/Apple Phone to make good quality digital copies

12/15 How hackable is your car? Check it out at this website

12/15 Use Restart to access advanced troubleshooting

11/17 Elements of electricity

11/17 Options for formatting USB Drives

11/17 Three handy builtin tools in Windows

11/17 Three free Microsoft apps you will want to use

11/17 Samsung Virtual Reality - Travel anywhere from your Lazy Boy

10/27 Computer-aided Genealogy

9/22 Three ways to recover files that have been deleted

9/22 Block the camera on your computer/Senior's Guide to Online Safety/How to use Quick Assist in Windows 10 to help(or get help from)someone else

8/25 Get free magazines from your library though Zinio or buy them from Zinio

8/25 Six surprising things you can do with your smart phone

8/25 How to send a text message to a cell phone from your PC

8/25 How to set default apps in Windows 10 / New thoughts on choosing a password

8/25 Check what Google has been recording about you and choose what they can record

7/28 Google Now

7/28 What are podcasts, where to find them

6/23 Favorite Apps Used By PC User Group Attendees

6/23 What are drivers? Should you update them?

5/26 Adding Android to your PC as a second system

5/26 Introduction to Evernote

5/26 Tools to remove almost any malware

5/26 What to do to protect yourself from Ransomware

4/28 Home Managememnt Technology

4/28 Windows 10 Speech Recognition

4/28 Seven Essential browser tricks every computer user needs to know

4/28 How to enter Windows 10's Safe Mode

3/24 How to use your Windows Recovery Drive

3/24 Make Microsoft's OneDrive work for you

3/24 One change that instantly makes your computer 86% safer

2/25 Be careful believing CallerID information

2/25 How to create a Windows Recovery Drive

2/25 How to make the File Explorer Quick access section work for you

2/25 Other Options for the Windows Signon Password

2/25 What to do when your computer freezes

2/25 Get a second chance on California Lottery Tickets

1/28 Time and Technology, 1959 to present

1/28 What you should know about Cyber Security