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--------------------------------- 2024 ---------------------------------

5/23 Quishing and Vishing

5/23 Passkeys explained

4/25 History and Future of Electrical Power-Part 2

4/25 Websites worth bookmarking
2024-05-23-Passkeys explained

3/28 History and Future of Electrical power-Part 1
ric Power

3/28 How to Use Microsofts Copilot AI

2/22 Free privacy tool to find what data your car collects about you

2/22 How to use Microsofts free PC Manager for a digital spring cleaning

1/25 Bone and Air Conduction Headphones

1/25 8 helpful hidden features you can unlock in Microsoft Windows

1/25 Follow These Tips to Improve Your Tech

--------------------------------- 2023 ---------------------------------

12/21 Stop making expensive mistakes

12/21 Make Windows 11 easier to see hear and use

11/16 4 must try new features in Windows 11s 2023 Update

11/16 16 Ways to Repurpose Your Old Gadgets

11/16 17 ways to speed up Windows 10

10/26 How Bad Are Power Outages for My Gadgets

10/26 12 simple Windows shortcuts

10/26 Hands On With Microsoft Copilot in Windows 11

9/28 Half of Americans are scam victims

9/28 How to import data from paper into Excel

8/24 Basics of owning an electric vehicle

8/2 How an 8 Character Password Could be Cracked in Just a Few Minutes

8/24 How to See Who is using your wifi

8/24 Norton's new tool can help you decide if you are being scammed

7/27 Review of Screenless Spacetop

7/27 14 scam messages to watch out for in 2023

7/27 How to Use SFC Scannow to Repair Windows System Files

7/27 Make a detailed list of your installed programs with this free PC tool

7/27 9 Best Ways to Use an Apple AirTag

6/22 Folding Smartphones

6/22 Microsoft finally adds some useful Widgets to monitor your PC

6/22 How to find power hogging software with Windows Task Manager

6/22 5 Browser Security Myths That Need Busting

6/22 How to Use CHKDSK to Fix Hard Drive Problems on Windows 10 or Windows 11

5/25 10 Big Reasons Not to Upgrade to Windows 11

5/25 10 awesomely practical tasks you can do with ChatGPT

4/27 Cruise Control: From basic to self driving

4/27 5 useful apps every senior should download

3/23 You can take over 1700 free university courses online now

3/23 Microsofts PowerToys Explained

3/23 5 just released Windows 11 features

3/23 6 Cool Things You Can Do With Bing Chat AI

3/23 How to Install and Configure the Microsoft PC Manager on Windows 11

2/23 How to Use the AI Chatbot for Free

2/23 12 hidden Windows 11 features that are actually worth using

1/26 Emergency Preparedness

1/26 Winget: The Best Way To Keep Windows Apps Updated

--------------------------------- 2022 ---------------------------------

12/15 Top 4 Ways to Add or Remove Optional Features on Windows 11

12/15 3 Best Ways To Extract Text from Images In Wincdows 11

12/15 Miss classic TV

11/17 Windows 11 22H2 Which new features stand out

11/17 Windows 11 22H2 Update 8 Best New Features

11/17 A Complete Guide to Using System Configuration Tool on Windows 11

10/27 7 Ways to Get Help in Windows 10 and Windows 11

10/227 4 ways to find anyones phone number online

10/27 Freeze Your Credit in 3 Steps

9/22 Wireless Internet, WiFi, Mesh WiFi

9/22 Scams and What To Do About Them

8/25 Worlds Most Iconic PCs

8/25 Top 5 best backup practices

8/25 A Complete Guide to Using System Restore in Windows 11

7/28 Travel planning tips, including travelling with an Electric Vehicle

7/28 15 great things you can get for free

7/28 7 Little Known Gmail Features You Should Try

7/28 Find any customer service number and how long the wait is

6/23 Problems in getting a laptop ready to give away

6/23 Ransomware A Beginners Guide to Threat Detection

6/23 3 practical reasons to use Twitter

5/26 QuickTools

5/26 DNA Update

5/26 The Best Free Software of 2022

5/26 How to create a list of installed programs on Windows

5/26 How to make a Windows 10 or 11 image backup

4/28 How to Run Android Apps in Windows 11

4/28 How to remove everything youve found about yourself on Google

4/28 USB-C Connectors: The new standard

3/24 Blue Mail

3/24 eWallet

2/24 How to Spot a Fraudulent Website

2/24 What to Do When You have been hacked

2/24 Windows Repair Tool

2/24 Top 5 Fun Ways to Use the F4 Key in Windows 10

1/27 Lengthen your battery life with "Chargie"

1/27 Four ways to find anyones phone number online

1/27 Five free privacy tools for protecting your personal data

1/27 Free software copycats that work better than the real expensive programs

--------------------------------- 2021 ---------------------------------

12/16 Autorun Organizer

12/16 What is a Virtual Private Network? Why would you want to use one?

12/16 Fun Websites to Waste Time on When You're Bored Part 2

11/18 History of data storage

11/18 12 things you should never do online

11/18 Fun websites to waste time on

10/28 Comparing Two Android Folding Phones

10/28 Can your PC run Windows 11? Yes? How can you get it?

9/23 How Operating Systems are Developed

9/23 Speed up Windows 10 for free. Tips for a faster PC

9/23 Does your laptop feel sluggish

8/26 Getting to know your litium ion battery

8/26 Your Apple Watch can only save your life later if you turn on these features now

8/26 Delete yourself from this creepy site

8/26 Autoruns for Windows

8/26 Most visited websites

7/22 Windows 11 is on the way

7/22 Office tools in your pocket

7/22 Windows 11 is on the way

7/22 Travel websites that can save you money

7/22 Prepare your digital life to help those that follow you

7/22 Senior Center changes for meetings held at the senior center

6/24 Going Incognito using your Chrome Browser

6/24 10 truly helpful Windows 10 tools you might not know about

6/24 How to Spot a Fake Review on Amazon

6/24 Interesting Websites

5/27 The Dark Web and Cybercriminals

5/27 Windows 10s Clipboard History is the best little tool you're not using

5/27 Six tricks to improve how Windows works for you

4/22 Everything you wanted to know about Green Energy - Part 2

4/22 Use the Libby app to get books and magazines from your library

4/22 Top 4 Ways to Convert PDF to Word Easily

4/22 What do the function keys do on Windows 10?

3/25 Everything you wanted to know about Green Energy - Part 1

3/25 20 things you can get for free that you shouldnt pay for

3/25 How long will it take a hacker to break your password?

2/25 Smart home guide for beginners

2/25 Smart home guide for beginners Slides

2/25 Best Browsers for privacy

2/25 Windows Repair Toolbox

1/28 A Brief History of Computers - Part 2

1/28 Your Guide To Online Safety

1/28 What is a 404 error?