Old Abadan Pictures

Last update -- 22 December 2006


The following pictures are from many that Joy Martin has found. I have included her comments after each picture. I put the "Last Update" date at the top of this website because more pictures may be added later.

This is a photo of our house in Braim,I'm pretty sure it was 271, with my mother Ruth Martin and brother Arliss Martin Jr.(or Sonny), and to the left two of the servants, I'm not sure of the one on the far left, he is probably the gardener, but the one second from left was Muhammed our 'house boy'.

This is a get together at our house. The Pratts are on left, her husband is standing to the right in the rear. The Pratts were Mormons. I can't remember exactly what they were doing in Abadan - I think he taught at AIT also, but my memory is hazy. Merle was his name, Hallie was hers, I don't remember the daughters name. The other couple I can't place. My dad is seated on the right with Merle behind him.

This is a photo of Jeffrey Brooks (left) me, my sister Debbie and Peter Brooks at the BoatClub.

This was a photo at a party at one of the clubs, probably the Golestan Club. 2nd from right is Winona Giles. Next to her on the left is a fellow whose first name was Graham but I don't remember the last. I don't know the names of the others.I think the woman on the far left was a friend of Winonas that came for a visit.

A photo of us at what was labeled as a museum in Shiraz. This is probably something that could be more specific but I'm not sure. I have others of the Hafez tomb and also at one of themosques in the square.

This is a photo of an Iranian wedding. I think one my parents attended probably, although I don't see them in the photo anywhere.

This is our family with some of Dad's AIT students at Christmas at home in Abadan in 1966.

Ruth Martin (my Mom) is in the large hairdo in the front with Mr. Binesh on her right. At the table behind I am sitting with long hair next to one of the Van der Laan boys to the left (Achilles). To the right of me I think is Peter Brooks. This is probably at the Golestan club.

. .

These aren't photos but scans of actual tickets or receipts to the places written on them. With a background to each that is quite nice.

This is a picture of Loretta Young in a visit to AIT.

We are in Shiraz here at the big square. Is this what was known then as the Shah Mosque? Or is it the other one? I should refer to Jason Elliots new book (well worth reading, where he describes all these and discusses the architecture)

This is a scan of a postcard of the 'new' Abadan International Hotel at the airport. I wonder if this hotel still exists.

I'm guessing these boys were all altar boys at the church but I'm not sure. I have forgotten the pastors name. My brother is 2nd from left (Arliss Martin Jr.)

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