Old Abadan Pictures

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Me, a guide, my brother and mother at Hafez' shrine and tomb in Shiraz

My mother has written on the back of this picture: "Graduation exercises at AIT-Dr. Haqjoo and H.E. Eqball, head of NIOC , pass out the diplomas. Dr. Haqjoo's robe is scarlet and gold- very impressive." Anyone unfamiliar with Iran would need to know that AIT was Abadan Institute of Technology and NIOC was the National Iranian Oil Company(for which AIT teachers worked).

A photo of Jeffrey Brooks and me at the Boat Club. This may be the most flattering photo I've ever had of me; it helps to be halfhidden by roses and at a distance. Very exotic looking.

My father and the wedding couple. I'm assuming but not sure that this is the same as the other wedding I have labeled as a wedding photo (maybe it was some other celebration). On the back is written: "To Mrs. and Mr. Martin Farideh and Hamid Mozayani 20th May 1971"

My mother is second from the right. The beautiful redheaded woman to the left of her (although you can't tell it's red in this photo) was I think an English woman who married an Iranian man. I don't remember their names but they are in other pictures at our house, so more than passing acquaintances.

My mother and sister Debbie sitting amid the ruins of Persepolis (Tahkte Jamshid) Dec 24 or 29,1967

This was a party where the kids could come. Andy Briggs in the front in a vest. I think I have a vest exactly like that, Iranian wool with a little decorative embroidery , which I still wear.

Some names are coming back to me. The pastor, at least the one on the right, was Rev. Briggs and his sons name was Andy. I think his name was Dar, unless I'm confusing that with his wife's name(or nickname), which otherwise I no longer or don't yet remember.

This was a birthday party for our friend Agnes. I think her last name was Babayan but I may be confusing that with someone else we knew. My brother is right in the middle with all eyes on the cake.

This photo may be at the refinery although the bridge looks a little fancy for that. Perhaps it is at Ahwaz or nearby. My mother is in the center wearing a hat and my father is the only person with a beard. (How times change.)

This is another view of the party with my mother (eyes closed again) at the table in front, in the rear are me, Achilles, Peter (I think) and my father is on the left of that table. Probably a lot of other people here that some might recognize. This is probably the Golestan club either at Christmas or a new Years or even Now Ruz celebration.

A balcony or birds eye view of a party. I'm not sure if anyone can be recognized. Possibly my father is in the lower part of the circle and it might be my mother at the top right, but I can't be sure. This appears to be an adult party, no kids in sight.

The Shah and Shahbanou (if I am spelling the transliteration half right) visit Abadan and AIT. Faculty were expected (and I doubt they would have wanted to miss it) to wear their full regalia. My father Arliss Martin (with the arrow drawn pointing to him) is on the right hand side of the photo.

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