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My brother Arliss (Sonny) somewhere in the Iranian desert 'leading' a row of camels.

Ruth Martin sitting in the searing white light of Persepolis.

I'm not sure who the people are in this photo but it was a typical enough scene of people eating at a festivity. Perhaps this was at a wedding.

Ruth with eyes closed , Touran Binesh and Mrs.Binesh (glasses).

I am not sure where this is. It may be at the airport. A crowd and some soldiers appear to be waiting for someone to arrive. My brother is the boy on the lower left front and beside him is I think one of the Binesh sons. They later came to the U.S. and I believe several of them went to UMR (University of Missouri Rolla, formerly Missouri School Of Mines,where my father went to school and taught.)

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Cover and front page of the program presented at the Taj Cinema by the Overseas School, of the Christmas Carol, 12/19/1966. A lot of these photos are Christmas oriented, since many activities and parties happened then, esp. when children who were away at school came home. Kind of appropriate for right now, since I am sending these close to Christmas 2006.

The Brooks brothers and my sister Debbie and myself sailing on the Shatt al Arab or lower Tigris Euphrates. I say sailing but that was really the Brooks doing the sailing and me and Debbie dodging the boom. This may have been the day we got very burned because the wind died completely and we took forever trying to tack back down the river from wherever we had sailed to. My mother tried to tell someone who wanted a crew for a race there later that I could sail....which I protested heatedly...I knew how to get out the way and that with difficulty.

Ruth and Arliss Martin with some of his students. This might be at a club but it may also be at the student hostel, I can't be sure.

More kids and Christmas. Andy Briggs . The young man behind I probably should know but I can't remember. Perhaps someof the other Abadan folks will.

Students visiting the Martins. My dad in the back. My mother has written on the back '1966 Trying to figure out if the cake will cut into enough pieces. (This was before Christmas!-their birthday cake)" I don't really know whose birthday she is talking about (my sister and I have birthdays in December, but she seems to be talking about the students)

This is notated in some other hand 'Swimming Gala A.I.T. 15, 10, 1970 Jallaie ' the last word appears to be a signature (apparently my father was asked to hand out the prizes to the winners)

This one says on it 'Students wash dishes after party' and on the back 'The boys wash up the dishes after an evening of fun at the Martins' house in Abadan,Iran 1966" I hope they agreed. I wonder

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