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Welcome to the Abadan Society homepage.

In early 1979 there was a revolution in Iran, and events led to a mass exodus of expatriates, many of whom were employed in the oil-producing areas of South Iran. For many years expatriates in the refinery town of Abadan and the surrounding area ran a thriving amateur theatre society which disbanded in early 1979 when its last members left. Through the ingenuity of a few people, the liquid assets of the Society were transferred to the United Kingdom and used to fund a reunion of members in the Overseas League in London in August 1981.

It was at this reunion that the "Abadan Society" was launched. A debt of gratitude is owed to the original formation committee under the superb guidance of the late Eileen Farrell.

Although its nucleus is the (now defunct) Abadan Amateur Theatre Society, which is reflected in the name and the theatrical logo, the Abadan Society is open to anybody who worked in the oil industry in Iran (expatriate or Iranian) and their families. Members live all over the world.

The Abadan Society is an organization consisting of people that worked in the oil industry in Iran (primarily in Abadan, Ahwaz, M.I.S. or Teheran) from the 1940's to the 1970's. We also have many "second generation" members, i.e. members that were children while living in Iran. Our membership is open to all former oil company people, including related organizations such as the Abadan Institute of Technology (AIT).

We have over 150 members living around the world. We publish two newsletters a year, mostly news items about the members that belong to the Abadan Society and a roster list of members. We have held many international reunions over the years.

All of our activities are social, we are not a political organization.

If you worked in the oil industry in Iran and would like to contact us, send an email to abadansociety@gmail.com

If you are already a member and would like your email address shared with other members, send your name and email address to abadansociety@gmail.com. After it has been verified that you are a current member, your name will be added to the list and a current list of names and email addresses will be sent to you in a private email note.

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